30 Caliber BOLT ACTION Pen with Deer Antler.
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This is a 30 Caliber BOLT ACTION pen made with Deer Antler.  The Bullet is gun metal in color with a copper tip.  The bolt action on the side is how you engage and retract the pen for operation.  Each pen is handmade and put through an inspection process for any malfunctions or imperfections, so we can ensure that our customers are getting the best product on the market.  Each pen that is purchased comes with a custom rosewood pen box for the bullet pen.  We also do custom laser engraving for an extra charge, it make the pen a little more personal for each pen.  When you buy one of our pens you are geting a 1 of 1 pens there will never be another pen like yours.  We strive to make each one of our customers happy.

  • Manufacturer: Pens Unlimited

30 Caliber BOLT ACTION Pen with Deer Antler.

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